Dealer Info

LA Record fair Dates 2017: 12/16/17

Dates 2018: 2/17/18 – 5/5/18 – 9/15/18 – 12/15/18

We are looking for vendors that sell Records, CD’s, Musical Equipment, R&R Clothing, Turntables & Accessories.

Table Pricing

  • Tables (6ft with 2 chairs) are 50.00 each.
  • Three tables(6ft with 6 chairs): 125.00
  • Five tables(6ft with 10 chairs): 200.00
  • Food Truck: 100.00

Set up is Saturday 11am - 12pm on the 16th.

The record fair is from 12pm-7pm on Saturday 12/16/17. No cover charge for customers. We will have live music, food trucks.

Free Customer parking is on Sears St.


Order your Table(s) Pay by Credit/Debit card and get your receipt by email or text.

What will be sold?

LA Record Fair - December 16th. 12pm -7pm

Free cover and free parking for the public.

We will have vendors that sell:


CD's & Cassettes



Rock & Roll Posters (Framed)

Musical Equipment

R&R Clothing

Turntables & Accessories

Food Trucks


Map From LAX to Event Space

The Event Space


The space is located in Los Angeles CA.

A mere 5 minutes from Downtown LA.


Customer Parking FREE!

On Sears Street. Across the street.